About Me

Mom and 2 daughters at a playground. Girl in pink sweatshirt seated on a swing with mom in front of her to the right and sister behind her to the left wearing a light blue sweatshirt.

Hey hey! Welcome to my sassy little corner of the web! My name is Mandi Lang, and I am the founder, graphic designer, and head creative coach and content creator behind Bmore Sassy Design Boutique by BmoreSassyLLC. I have a BA in Graphic Design, over 17 years of professional design experience, and zero tolerance for BS. I have a Masters in sass, sarcasm, and coordinating chaos, and a true professional at adoing some fun to adulting, beauty in the chaos, and real solutions for REAL life! Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to build a sustainable AND profitable business or just trying to survive adulting or parenthood, you are in the right place!

I am a creative soul inside and out. Solo mama of 2 gorgeous, smart, and sassy little ladies (5 and 6!) and Cheer Coach to some of the most amazing young athletes in the universe. Survivor of childhood trauma, anxiety/PTSD/ADHD warrior badass, and Captain of the HotMessExpress Struggle

Bus. Passionate and kind hearted almost to a fault, I would rather be the reason someone smiled than win the race.

Join me on this chaotic ride we call adulting, and let’s help each other survive another day, prioritize self care, and slay this $h!t!!

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