Ways to Get More Me Time

Ways to Get More Me Time



Between being a small business owner, parent, worker, cook, cleaner, fixer, and all-around jack-of-all-trades, things can get a little overwhelming. You're often so busy tending to everyone but yourself. Well, it's a good thing you're reading this post right now because this is your intervention. In this post, you'll learn some easy ways to get more me time.


Irrespective of what life coaches and motivational speakers may tell you about working yourself into the ground, the truth is everyone needs some time off. In fact, taking the time to cater to your needs is not a luxury. It is a necessity.


Carving out some me time will not only make you well-rested and happier, it will also make you a healthier person. As someone who doesn't take health and fitness lightly, you need to rest your body adequately, or you'll eventually burn out.


If you've been struggling with taking some time off and you need a little push to take the big step, today is your lucky day. I'm going to share with you 4 tips on how to get your me-time that might help you take your life back and in fact, live life on your terms.

 So, let's get started!


1. Acknowledge that me-time is valuable


Until you accept that your time is worth something, you will keep making excuses for why other things and other people deserve all of it. The greatest obstacle to listening to what your body is saying is guilt. As long as you continue to convince yourself that your needs are just not as important, you will never fully understand why you need some me-time.


Once you acknowledge that your time and efforts matter, you will be well on your way to living a less stressful and more healthy life.


2. Understand that me time doesn't have to be something grand


Most times, when people think about me-time, they cook up grand ideas. But the more ambitious the plan, the less likely you are to go through with it. As a busy mom, the chances that you'll be able to go on a solo vacation are slim to none.


However, if you keep it simple, it becomes much more likely to happen. So instead of talking about that girls' trip you've been planning for ages, maybe you could try an afternoon of gardening, or a trip to the local art gallery. All that matters is that you spend some time with yourself.


3. Think about what you want


If you think long and hard, or even a little, you'll discover that there is something on your mind you've always wanted to do. Take a step back and put it all down.


Make a list of things you've always wanted to do – things that make you happy, things that relax you, things you're curious about. Just make a list! Now take a good look at that list and look into yourself. If you're being even a little bit honest, you'll identify those that matter more than the others.


Once you've done that, you're off to a great start. Now you're ready for the next tip.


4. Just do it


If you're waiting for the perfect time to grab some me time, that day will never come. You have to make up your mind to do it, and just get it done! I understand that you're the lever that makes everything around your work but trust me when I say, everyone will be fine!


You Are Important!


Remember, you are just as important. If you need to move a few things around or reschedule some appointments, that is totally okay. Find me time in the small things. Your weekly trip to the grocery store or your daily workout sessions, and even your commute to work. All of these can be the perfect getaway that you need.


I hope that you'll think about these ways to get more me time. You've earned it!


Have you found the perfect way to get more me time? Do share! I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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